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How to Get Everything in Lego Dimensions

If there's one problem with Lego Dimensions, it's the huge amount of gated content.  Like other Lego games, there are tons of alternate routes and collectibles that require you to bring a character with a particular ability, but unlike most games, you actually need to buy the characters you need separately.  Plus there are Level Packs and Adventure Worlds that only open if you have characters from certain franchises.  What is the completionist to do?

Well, I ran the spreadsheets and came up with the answer.  If you have a bottomless wallet and a burning need to see EVERYTHING that Lego Dimensions has to offer, this is your one-stop shopping list.

Level Packs

Naturally, we're going to start with all six Level Packs:

Marty McFly
The Doctor
Peter Venkman
Gamer Kid

Adventure Worlds

In order to unlock an Adventure World, you need at least one figure from that franchise.  As it turns out, there are three franchises that only have one option available.  So if you want all the worlds, these are mandatory purchases:

Wicked Witch
Owen / ACU Trooper
Scooby-Doo / Shaggy

Unique Abilities

You want to get all of the character abilities, right?  You don't want to get stuck at a puzzle and find that you don't have a character who can solve it.  If you already have the last nine packs, then there are four more characters who have abilities that you won't find in any other character:


Sensei Wu

Now we need to start making some decisions.  You'll need one of the Ninjago characters for the Spinjitzu ability and to unlock the Ninjago Adventure World.  However, if you pick Sensei Wu, you'll also get the Pole Vault ability, which saves you from having to also pick up a Legolas, who is the only other character who knows Pole Vault.

Any One Legends of Chima Figure

You'll need one Legends of Chima figure for the CHI ability and to unlock the Legends of Chima world.  None of them have unique abilities that you don't already get from previous packs, so pick your favorite:


Any One Drone Character

Only two characters have the Drone ability.  Again, you can pick your favorite:

Doc Brown

Any One Mini Access Character

Four different characters have the Mini Access ability.  You only need to choose one:


So there you go.  Six Level Packs, two Team Packs, and eight Fun Packs.  At MSRP, that's $180 + $50 + $120, a grand total of $350 on top of the $90 Starter Pack.  Of course, prices have dropped like a rock at various retailers and online outlets, so it might cost you as little as $200 to play this entire children's game.

That's all you need to know!  Now get out there, get a second job, and happy gaming!


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