Sunday, April 21, 2013


Seven of 'Em, Guys

So.  Video games.  Electronic entertainment.

I think the biggest event of the year for me was Petit Computer.  Turning my DSi into a programmable toy was a total game-changer.  Even better was porting my favorite ten-minute roguelike, Desktop Dungeons, to my favorite handheld system.

Other than that, it's been quiet.  The Wii is quietly winding down; we can count the days until Nintendo discontinues all of the free online services that gave it such character.  The 3DS has effectively taken up the torch as Nintendo's primary handheld, though I remain apathetic.  The Wii U was unveiled and released with such a hush that it's gotten people talking about the end of the very idea of the dedicated video game console.  The iPad is drowning in a sea of free-to-play Games Which Are Not Games.

My disinterest in games has deepened.  My time to play them is shorter than ever.  And I've got hobbies that I enjoy more.

But now and then, I write.

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