Thursday, July 16, 2015


Unplugged Dilintia: Daily Puzzle

The premise of Daily Puzzle is irresistible.  You have ten tiles that can be stacked and arranged to display a three-letter month abbreviation and a two-digit date.  (Single-digit dates have a leading zero.)  It's a desktop calendar that doubles as a game, with a different puzzle to solve every day.

It's not the most challenging game to come out of ThinkFun -- I've been playing for a couple days, and it hasn't taken me longer than a minute to finish yet.  And, contrary to the packaging, it's not really 365 puzzles in one -- there are 12 monthly configurations and 31 daily configurations, for a total of 43 challenges.

Still, if you love puzzles, it's a fun thing to have on your desk.  It's like an advent calendar that gives you a little mental treat day after day.  If you're going to pick up something from ThinkFun anyway, it's worth tossing on top.


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