Saturday, May 23, 2015


Cube Creator 3D

Cube Creator 3D is a scaled-down Minecraft clone for the 3DS.  The worlds are smaller, there are fewer kinds of enemies which are easier to deal with, there are fewer kinds of blocks to work with, there are fewer kinds of things to craft, and all of the systems in place are just generally easier to work with.

And that's pretty all right.

I never got into Minecraft.  Sure, I hopped on the bandwagon just around the time it was starting to catch fire, but I was hopeless at it.  I didn't know what to do.  I didn't know where to begin.  Even with a guide to surviving your first night in the game, I never got a toehold in my new world.  Everything I tried to make was blown up by creepers and I just kept dying all of the time.  Maybe I could have made some progress if I'd stuck to it, but I didn't find it compelling enough.  And besides, there's something that turns me off about having to read an entire wiki about a game just to understand it.

Cube Creator 3D is more the sort of experience I was looking for.  Borne of the 3DS's technical limitations, the game is much simpler and more approachable.  It's something that you can figure out just by sitting down and poking at it for an hour.  Even if you like the complexity of Minecraft, I think it's much more appropriate for a portable title to be something that you can operate without external references.

And the game is still remarkably satisfying.  Whether you're playing for the pleasure of hollowing out a mountain block by block in search of precious ores or you're building and exploring your own worlds in stereoscopic 3D, it's still a game that you can get lost in for hours.  Minecraft fans will no doubt be disappointed by the lack of multiplayer and the limited range of accents that you can build -- the only non-cube item in the game is a door -- but if you absolutely must have a voxel game on your 3DS, well... this is all we got.

I don't want to say that Minecraft is impossible to love because obviously lots of people have been having fun with it for years.  But if you're one of the people who liked the concept but hit the learning curve a little hard, this one's certainly worth checking out.  It may even inspire you to give Minecraft another go.  I know it did for me.


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