Wednesday, October 09, 2013


The End of Kindle Games

While the original black & white Kindle was never a great platform for games, it's still disheartening to see the link to "Games & Active Content" missing from the Kindle store these days.  Maybe developers are finding that the interest is gone, or maybe Amazon themselves are just de-prioritizing the idea now that they have a really for-real tablet to push, but this looks like the end.

It's sad to me because there were some things the platform could do that higher-end devices just can't get away with.  It remains my favorite platform for Choice of Games and Fighting Fantasy.  There was at least one must-have game in Jungle Juice.  And between EA's Solitaire and Sudoku, I'm never without a time-waster.  I still frequently go camping in the summer, and the low power consumption coupled with the good-in-any-light screen makes it the ideal gadget to take along.

But hey, it had a great run.  Considering that this was a device tuned for displaying text and not much else, it's amazing that they managed to wring anything out of the platform.  We'll always have the good times.  And as long as I need a softer, quieter gaming experience, I'll keep coming back.


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