Thursday, September 26, 2013


Walk It Out! Final Impressions

I'm afraid it's time for me to leave Rhythm Island.  But not due to a lack of interest!  I've actually become quite fond of the place.  I love the music, the rolling hills, the beaches, the woods, the fields, the little circular lake just behind the stadium...  But the sad fact is, my time is short, and I need to manage it carefully.  When it's time to exercise, I need to maximize my calories per minute ratio, and walking in place just isn't doing it for me.  So it's back to DDR for me and my aerobic workouts.

I'm sure I'll be back though.  When it's the dead of winter and I'm hurting for a country walk, as I so often do, I'll pop it in and take a stroll.  It's earned its place alongside Wuhu and Kawawii for top virtual vacation spots.

See you again, sometime.


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