Wednesday, August 28, 2013


2DS, Eh?

The initial response to the 2DS seems pretty negative.  The lack of a clamshell, removing the 3D... what was Nintendo thinking?

Well of course it seems ridiculous to us.  This isn't for us.  We're the tech geeks who always want the BEST version of everything.  We pay the extra $100 for the larger memory capacity, we trade in for the screen with slightly more pixels per inch.  We ran out and bought the 3DS on day one, then went out and bought it again for a larger screen.

(I say "we", but I'm just generalizing.  I didn't do any of that.)

Did you see the intro for it?  Look at that kid there.  All he wants to do is play the next Pokemon game. Maybe his parents aren't ready to spring for a $180 3DS.  The expense of the system has been one of the biggest marks against it since the beginning, especially now that people already own perfectly good supercomputers that go in their pockets and play Angry Birds.  Maybe if they can reduce the production costs with a 2D display and a monolithic design, they can push the price down closer to impulse purchase territory.

It's a smart move.  And honestly, I do like the look of the thing.  I'd even be tempted to buy one if I hadn't already bought into Nintendo's FUCKING RETARDED digital download scheme which would prevent me from playing my now-beloved Animal Crossing game on it.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out,


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