Saturday, June 15, 2013


Thoughts From the E3

Super Smash Brothers

While I liked Super Smash Brothers Brawl, my final word on it was:

Anything they add at this point could only serve to make the game unwieldy and bloated. Any characters they add could only serve to water the roster down with unnecessary fluff.

Ha ha!  Yeeeeah...

Mega Man.  Fuckin' awesome.

The Villager.  Fuckin' awesome.

Wii Fit Trainer?  FUCKIN'.  AWESOME.

My opinion of a Smash Brothers character is inversely proportional to how appropriate they are for a fighting game.  I thought it had to be a joke until I saw that trailer.  How can you not love this?

Of course, questions arise:

It looks like Mega Man will be able to use a number of abilities he's acquired from bosses over the years.  Will there be some way to change between abilities mid-fight?  Or will there be something else at play?  (For further speculation, see below.)

The copyright notices in all of the trailers -- even the ones that don't feature Mega Man particularly -- acknowledge characters from Nintendo and Capcom... but not Sega or Konami.  Are Sonic and/or Snake returning?  Even if I didn't particularly care for them, it'd be a shame to see them go.

Will the Villager and Wii Fit Trainer come in both male and female as they do in their native games?  Wario had two skins in Brawl, so the precedent is there.

What's this business about making a custom character in the 3DS version and using them in the Wii U version?  We've specifically heard that this isn't a costume change or some sort of "level up" mechanic. The least likely (but maybe the coolest) idea I can think of is some sort of custom move list.  I mean, a lot of these characters have a lot of special powers, and I'm sure it's hard for the developers to narrow it down to just three moves per character.  And it's not always easy to please the players; look how much people hated Mario's FLUDD move in Brawl.  What if there were a way to pick which moves you wanted?  Unlikely, seeing as the focus this time is on balance rather than adding features, and that would make the job so much more difficult.  But a man can dream.

Is there any chance of getting Simon Belmont on board?  I kinda want to complete the Captain N cast.

What does happen to Kirby when he eats the Wii Fit Trainer?!

Super Mario 3D World

I was sort of meh about Super Mario 3D Land, and this new game doesn't seem to be much different to me.  But who knows?  Where 3D Land felt like it was rushed to prove the 3DS for the holiday season, it seems like they've really taken their time with 3D World.  And the difference between New Super Mario Brothers and New Super Mario Brothers Wii was considerable.

And I like that they're bringing in four-player simultaneous play.  Characters with different abilities.  Peach as a playable character.  The new cat suit.  I'm not exactly chomping at the bit for this one, but I'll probably end up checking it out when it comes out.

Playstation 4

Yeah, I don't care about Playstation, and I didn't really pay attention to what anyone actually said about the system.  But that How to Share Games on PS4 video was funny.

iOS7 Introduces a Controller Standard



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