Sunday, November 25, 2012


Don't Download This Patch

Shigeru Miyamoto had a famous quote that he used to justify the time it took Nintendo to make their games -- a bad game is bad forever, but a delayed game can eventually be good.

So much for that!

Patches.  Man.

The upside of patches is that they can be used to add new features or remove bugs that slipped past QA.  It can give more value to the consumer.  The problem is, well...

I've written glowing reviews for Fix-It Felix Jr. and Knights of Pen and Paper on iOS.  Problem is, these reviews are now outdated because recent updates have made significant changes to the games.  I didn't download the updates, but judging from the reviews people have posted, Fix-It Felix has been relegated to being a demo for the proper Wreck-It Ralph app, and Knights of Pen and Paper has had its economy adjusted to get more people to pay for extra game money.

Really guys?  Really?

I bought the Wreck-It Ralph app without needing to be goaded into it by hobbling the free version.  Fact is, the free game was kind of simplistic enough, I'd gladly pay for a more fleshed-out version.  The problem is, the version of Felix in the paid app doesn't have iCade support, which was one of my favorite features.  So... try to replace a game I really like with a version I don't like?  Excellent strategy?!

And Knights of Pen and Paper... God, just no.  You designed your game to be modular, make that the in app purchase.  Charge me for each new campaign that comes out, that's totally fine!  Instead you're going to change it so that I have to grind more unless I pay for your funny money?  You think the best way to keep customers coming back is to make your game more annoying to play?  Well, good luck.

These are just two data points, but read enough reviews in the app store, and you'll see the recurring complaint that it was better before, then the devs got greedy and changed the game in some way that made in app purchases more prominent.

It's awful.  I know that nothing I say is going to stop developers from doing it because, hey, it's a business, and they've decided somewhere along the line that this is what will make them more money.  But it's still awful.  So I'm writing it down just to get it out of my head for a while.


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