Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Making Games is Fun

Inspired by all of these indie games I've been playing lately, I've decided to pull out a programming language and take a stab at making a game myself here.

Starting a new game is a bit like digging into a hollow rock. It starts out really boring, just chipping away at it, not knowing how far you have to go, nothing really interesting to look at. But then you have that breakthrough, and suddenly everything opens up.

I had my breakthrough moment this morning, the second day of the project. I've been building the moving parts and testing them individually, and now that I've put them together, it's already really playable. It's really exciting to already have something I can use and poke at and play around with; I've been adding to it compulsively, and it's growing very nicely. Some difficulties loom ahead, but it's really encouraging to see how far I've already come.

And what is this project? Maybe I'll write about it sometime.


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