Friday, April 15, 2011


OMG WII 2!!!!!

Does anyone actually care?

The Wii just doesn't matter to me anymore. Sure, it was exciting when it first came out. Ooo! Motion gaming! That'll change everything! And it was really cool to see things like Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and Wii Music. But that was it -- it was like Nintendo ran out of ideas, and god help us all if third party developers can be bothered to contribute anything. Wii Ware went to shit and Virtual Console is all out of steam. A Wii 2 isn't going to fix the problem that there aren't any games that I care about.

I'm starting to feel like Patrick Alexander -- I don't need these huge games that cost $50 apiece when all I have the time and energy for is free indie stuff. Oh, but Nintendo doesn't want to deal with any of those garage developers, do they? One more reason not to give a shit what they're doing.

But beyond the fact that I don't care, is this really going to make a difference to the world at large? Nintendo's problem isn't, and never has been, hardware; it's always been about image. The Gamecube was more powerful than the Playstation 2, but that didn't stop Sony from mopping the floor with Nintendo. If you suggested the superiority of Gamecube hardware to the average video game fan, you'd get a response about how "kiddy" Nintendo was and how "mature" Sony was in comparison. So, what, Nintendo's going to release an HD console, and suddenly all these fucks who are so preoccupied with how "casual" Nintendo is are suddenly going to rush out and buy one? Or are they planning to push the Wii 2 to the same people who bought the Wii -- the ones who never bothered to upgrade their standard definition TVs and haven't bought a new game since Wii Fit?

What is even the point of all this?

Speaking of Nintendo hardware upgrades, how about that 3DS, eh? In spite of my misgivings about the hardware, I had expected that I would need to really fortify my sales resistance in the face of the onslaught of news and impressions from all around the Internet to keep myself from running screaming to the nearest store and stabbing everyone with my credit card -- I'm pretty sure that's how you purchase a 3DS -- because... y'know, that's what I do. Game hardware comes out, I buy it. I'm a total sucker.

But it's dropped off the radar pretty quickly, hasn't it? As I've said, there seems to be this period before a game launch where everyone is excited and up in arms, and now that a couple weeks have gone past, it really doesn't matter anymore. Everyone who wanted one has one, and they've said all they want to say about it already. Maybe there'll be more excitement as more games come out for it, but I don't know. If all we're going to get is the same sort of stuff we've already seen on other consoles, what's the big deal? I'm surprised that I still don't want one, and not even in the sour grapes sense -- I'm really, genuinely not in the mood for a new console right now.

So we'll see what comes of all this.


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