Friday, April 23, 2010


Wii Sports Resort

(This is a review I did for the Eegra "Reader Radness" forum, so that explains the different formatting. I'm moving it here for preservation because Eegra seems to be packing up.)

DONE BY: Wii Nintendo
IT'S FOR: Wii Video Games Console
YEAR: Wii 2009

Wii Sports Resort features twelve different games, one of which is Speed Canoeing, an event where the player paddles a canoe around a course marked by buoys, and the objective is to get as far as possible before time runs out.

Before the event begins, you are invited to acquaint yourself with the controls by paddling around a small pond. You tilt the controller from side to side and make a rowing motion. There's a merry splashing sound, and your craft is propelled forward. It's not a very smooth motion, to be fair, but after a bit you can make it go as straight as you like. So you paddle around the pond for a while to enjoy your newfound skill.

That's when you notice a soft quack and a happy chime, and something small and yellow comes up alongside your canoe. It's a baby duck! You hadn't even seen it -- you were too busy trying to get the canoe to turn left. You row forward a bit more, and it follows, perhaps mistaking your yellow canoe for its mother.

As you're leading your new friend around, you suddenly hear another quack and another happy chime. There's another one! And what's more, a counter has appeared in the lower right hand corner of the screen, and it reads "DUCK X 2", except that it's a picture of a duck, not the word. Was that there before? If it was, you hadn't noticed.

Look! There's a third duck sitting in the water a short distance off! You pull up gently, and sure enough, when the distance is small enough, there's another quack, and the counter reads "DUCK X 3".

How many ducks are there?

You hunt around the pond for a bit, but you aren't watching where you're going and you bump into a wooden post protruding from the water. The ducks aren't pleased with this at all, and they scatter. Well, it's no terrible trouble to pick them up again, but you promise yourself to be a bit more careful this time.

And then -- what's that? There's a much larger duck in the middle of the pond. You approach to see if it'll follow you, but when you get close enough, it smiles and quacks and all the baby ducks that were following you rush up to it and form a line behind. Aha! This must be their real mother! They certainly seem pleased to see her again.

And oh! A new indicator has appeared on the top of the screen. That certainly wasn't there before. It shows a symbol for a mother duck followed by symbols for ten baby ducks. The mother and three of the babies are yellow, and the rest are brown. Those must be for the rest of the missing ducks!

So you paddle around the pond a bit more, leading all of the baby ducks back to their grateful mother. And when the last baby is returned, a fanfare plays, and a message appears to inform you that you have made an achievement. But you hardly need to be told.

Ten minutes have passed, and the proper canoe game hasn't even begun.



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