Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So How's That Going Then?

Yeah, you know, it's all right.

I've already folded on my dubious proclamation -- I've downloaded Manhole for my DSi. I guess I still have a soft spot for Game & Watch, and Manhole is one of my favorites, and besides all that the DSi points were already paid for. But it was still kind of an unjustified purchase; I've played it maybe once or twice and I'm already pretty bored with it. And why should that be surprising when I already own the game in three different formats?

I've been avoiding game news. Partly because it's boring and partly because I don't want a hype machine trying to convince me that I need yet another video game to dump all of my time into. Like any drug, I'm experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. Like a rat in a behavioral study, I yearn to press that button again on the off chance that something worthwhile will come out; I haven't yet found something to fill the hole that "sitting around reading game blogs" used to occupy.

I've continued to read Penny Arcade, but maybe I should stop. It seems like they only ever talk about anything that's interesting to me during the transition from one generation to the next, when information is scarce and sometimes they have no choice but to write a comic and a monologue about something like Wii Sports. Now that we've gone into the entrenchment portion of the generation, they're back into their comfortable groove of typical gamer stuff. Maybe several years from now, they'll discover Wario Ware DIY and hold it up as a strange and wonderful treasure discovered by accident on an expedition to the "other side", and I'll be like, man, I've been doing that shit for years.

(Really, it's so weird whenever Penny Arcade discovers something like Super Mario RPG or Pokemon so many years after the fact. It's like, you guys are fairly famous gamer people, how the hell did you ignore this stuff when it was happening?)

Speaking of Wario Ware DIY, it, along with its Wii Ware companion, was the last game I bought before April 1st, and I love the hell out of it. I've made an average of one game every day, and that doesn't count the many revisions and dead ends I've taken. I've also got a copy of Pokemon HeartGold. It's a remarkable adaptation of my favorite game in the series, but I haven't felt quite the same "pull". Oddly enough, I've been more inclined to play Animal Crossing: Wild World lately. I'm about 160,000 bells away from finishing what might be the last mortgage payment in the game -- and only five years after it came out!

But without future games to play with, I find that my interests are returning to my Game Cube. I have a lot of games that would probably be worth another go through -- Chibi Robo has been in my thoughts a lot.

I could do some more game writing on Electric Dilintia I suppose. I have so many good games that I still haven't written anything about. But we'll see.


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