Monday, April 06, 2009


So There's a DSi Now, Eh?

I have a long, sad history of claiming to not need a new video game console, followed by purchasing it, followed by loving it forever, and I don't see why the DSi should be any exception. A new DS would be shiny and pretty, with all sorts of fun new things to figure out. And downloadable games! Oooo!

I still love my DS Lite, but I've treated it like a toy, and it's showing an applicable amount of wear and tear. The clear plastic casing is cracked in two places, a piece of the hinge has broken right off, there's ugly coffee-like stains all over the insides, and the shoulder buttons no longer work. The system is still quite usable, though I do miss the L and R buttons for games like Super Mario 64 DS, Shiren the Wanderer, and Jam Sessions. A new model would be welcome, but it's not quite necessary. Not yet.

And I just bought an iPod Touch. It's an amazingly fun little device -- somehow, they've taken everything about computers that's entertaining, and crammed it into this magical little rectangle thing where you pick it up and touch the spot on the screen to tell it to do a thing, and it works. I don't really need a new DS with a thousand new features.

And, like many people right now, I just don't want to blow a lot of money on shit I don't need. I don't even really want to buy any new games right now, much less commit to a new platform. Maybe it's because I'm almost 30 years old, but I just don't have the appetite for games that I once did. I've been browsing Amazon over the weekend for marked-down Wii games that I've been interested in in the past. Now games like Lego Star Wars and Samba de Amigo are at the price threshold that I was waiting for, but on the other hand, I feel like... you know, I've lived this long without these games, why do I need them now?

I want to stay excited about the games I already have. I want to stop caring so much about this game of acquisition, staying constantly abreast of the latest new thing. Sure, it's wonderful when a new game comes along, and it's so satisfying that it's the only thing you'll do with all of your free time for a month -- as Retro Game Challenge was for me recently -- but why not relive those terrific experiences you already own?

I have too many games. I can never decide what I want to play anymore. It's always easier just to go with what's new.

Maybe that's my real problem here.


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