Thursday, March 26, 2009


Nintendo's Data Storage Actual Solution

Thank God we no longer have to pretend that Nintendo's data storage woes are acceptable. Every piece of downloadable software I own now lives comfortably on a cute little bite-sized memory card, with thousands of blocks to spare. (So, you know, when I buy ten more Wii Ware games I can start complaining about space again.) Load times are exponentially better than they once were. It's still slightly annoying to wait for a game to load from the SD card, but it's an improvement.

One thing bugs me. You know those cute little opening screens that come up when you select a channel from the normal menu? They get cut short when you load from SD card. Not a big deal for most games, but it's kind of sad to hear Strong Bad's opening quips cut short when you load an episode.

Great stuff though. And now they've added real arcade games to the Virtual Console? Dare we hope for an authentic home version of Donkey Kong?

What a wonderful time it would be to have ten thousand Nintendo Points.


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