Sunday, June 24, 2007


That Took Longer Than I Expected

As I suspected, my will to resist snapped the very instant I had the opportunity to buy a Wii. I just placed the order a couple hours ago; it's due to arrive sometime this week.

As with many of my giant home electronics splurges, I'm a bit ambivalent about the deal. I could only order the system as part of a bundle from Some bits were my option, some bits were dictated by the terms of the deal. Take a look at this toybox:

Extra Remote
Classic Controller
Points card
Big Brain Academy
Cooking Mama
Wario Ware
Super Paper Mario

The adult in me is still recovering from a heart attack over trying to swallow the lump sum cost of all that crap at full, brand-new price. But the kid in me is in a drunken stupor over the thought of getting so many cool new toys all at once.

Luckily, I'm not the only person in the house who's interested in this thing, so I may just get away with calling it a combined birthday present. I'm still a bit skeptical about the idea of this box turning my non-gaming family into total video heads like me. Then again, they loved Animal Crossing.

We shall see...


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