Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Not Bored Yet

If you make a web page when no one is reading it, then you really mean it.

I've started a lot of web pages in the past, some related to video games, some not. If I ever got to the one year mark with them, it was usually with some degree of resentfulness or apathy. I've never been happy with the slim following that my websites have found. I tend to end up crumpling them up and throwing them away in disgust, enraged by the lack of ego-stroking that I get for putting them up.

But maybe -- maybe -- I've found my calling with Electric Dilintia. This blog has reached the ripe old age of one year old, with fully 64 articles. It's a grab bag of thorough reviews, thoughtful commentary, gut reactions, pointless lists, and self-indulgent crap. It's an online vomit bag, a receptacle to catch my every thought about video games, no matter how clever or stupid, the better to save them for my future inspection. It's a website by me and for me.

There's something liberating about writing for nobody. I can shout my opinions into the void without all of that messy "disagreement" nonsense you get at video game message boards. I can write reviews that are as long and rambling and tangential as I want, then shift gears and shoot out quick one or two line reactions to contemporary video game news. I can whine about anything I want, and it's not going to interfere with anyone who's looking for something entertaining and/or informative. There's no structure, no deadlines, and no pressure -- just the joy of writing about whatever I want, whenever I want to.

And so, I feel neither bored nor resentful as Electric Dilintia cruises through its one-year anniversary. To the contrary, I feel like there's still plenty of juice in me. I still haven't tackled the subject of how save files have inadvertantly led to a decline in the quality of video games or where I stand on the eternal "graphics versus gameplay" debate. My masters thesis regarding Pac-Man as the quintessential video game remains unwritten. And I feel, deep in my heart, that I will succumb to a new video game system before the year is out, which will open a whole goldmine of new reactions and commentary.

So I want to thank you, the hollow, silent void of the internet, for being there and ignoring my deranged ramblings as I slowly and pitifully fanboy myself to death. We'll see if I've got another year in me.


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