Monday, March 19, 2007


Did I Miss Something?

I've always sort of dismissed the collective voice of the general gaming community -- an imaginary personification of the driving forces behind market trends -- as a sort of dull, out of touch Other, a being whose interests in the world of video games began and ended with how realistically programmers could simulate war and professional sports. Once in a while our paths would cross and our interests would converge. The Other would grudgingly allow for the existance of Super Mario, and possibly acknowledge the merit of Dance Dance Revolution and its ilk. But for the most part, I don't think very highly about the things that hardcore gamers are supposed to like.

Which is why I was stunned and puzzled to find out that Sony has supposedly recaptured the hearts and minds of The Other by unveiling some sort of online Home system and a physics toy game. Even Penny Arcade, the most visible manifestation of The Other on the internet, is getting behind this.

I think they sound neat, which is exactly what puzzles me about it -- The Other never picks the same killer aps that I do. Never. The Other wanted a Dreamcast for Soul Caliber, I wanted one for Seaman. The Other wanted a Playstation 2 for Grand Theft Auto, I wanted one for Karaoke Revolution. The Other wanted a Wii for Twilight Princess, I'm not even sure I want one.

It's just too weird. I feel like it's got to be a trick or something, that sooner or later everyone's going to admit that what they're really excited about is a new Grand Theft Auto/Final Fantasy/Metal Gear/Resident Evil game. Just when I think I've got 'em all figured out, they have to throw something like this out at me.

What's even weirder is that these sorts of things should be right up my alley, yet they haven't convinced me that I need a PS3 yet. Maybe because I've already had enough MUCKing and world simulation to last me a lifetime.

No one's sold me a next-generation video game system yet. Stay tuned.


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