Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Hiatus Over, Surprise Twist!

I finished my NaNoWriMo novel early. And I have some bad news.

I'm going back on my earlier promise. I'm not getting a Wii. Not within the launch window anyway.

Why? Partly it's a matter of money. Yes, $250 is a damned steal for a new video game console these days. But add on games, accessories, and sales tax, and get up to $500 for a decent setup, and it just becomes a cost that I'm not ready to absorb right now.

Mostly it's a matter of I just plain don't want one.

I've been waffling for the past few months now over exactly how excited I am about the Wii. I sort of thought that, if I presented it to myself as a personal reward for a grand personal undertaking, I might take to it a bit better. But no. If it was something I really wanted, I'd be able to justify the cost to myself like any good addict would.

So why don't I want one? The novelty joystick appeal is right up my alley. On the other hand, the launch lineup (virtual and otherwise) doesn't exactly light my fire if you know what I mean. The big launch game to get is The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess. And... I'm getting more than a little tired of compulsively buying Zelda games just because it's a big name and then never getting around to finishing the games because they just plain bore me. The only Zelda games I've ever finished were Zelda 1 and Link's Awakening. The rest of them just get too long and boring to see them through.

I'm interested in Wii Sports and Rayman, but neither of them are really system-sellers to me.

I guess I'm getting tired of buying Nintendo consoles that don't launch with anything that I'd consider a killer app, and then waiting months to get something worthwhile to play on it. I put up with a lot of annoying shovelware on the Game Boy Advance and DS before their real classics started coming out. It took forever for the Gamecube to get a good, compelling adventure game to play.

Everything about the Wii's immediate future turns me off. I don't even really play console games that much anymore; I can never find the time anymore, and it's just so much more convenient to pick up my DS and start fooling around with it. Plus the games are cheaper and the library is a lot more robust.

So instead, I rewarded myself with the Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events box set, because I've always wanted it and I'm starting to get back into reading as a leisure activity. And I'm going to wait on the Wii until it gets something of Seaman proportions to inspire me to buy it.

Oh, and I fully expect my next gushing review to be about Elite Beat Agents. It's the single best music game ever created by mortal or divinity.


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