Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Game On.

In one of Nintendo's Pre-E3 conference videos (the one on the right to be exact), the action cuts from gameplay footage to footage of the people playing the game.

Why, then, do we see this image of Rayman superimposed over the live-action shot around the 3:10 mark? Is it just to demonstrate how the controls help to bridge the gap between the game and reality? If so, why is this the only clip that uses the gimmick? It couldn't possibly have anything to do with rumors of a hologramic display device, could it?

Hmmm. Hmmm hmmm hmmm.

It appears in the video, but it's never specifically addressed by the presenters at the show. I wonder if it's possible that Nintendo got a little shy about going full disclosure after Sony's little revelation last night. Perhaps we've been given another clue. Maybe this game isn't over after all.

Insert coin to continue? Or save it for a soda?


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